US Immigration Information

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An immigrant visa is needed to all those who want to live in the USA permanently and if you have entered in the USA on immigrant visa, then the USA on immigrant visa then you will become a permanent resident. The United States of America immigration rules and regulation are complicated and it is difficult to understand fully. The immigration into the USA is limited as compare to other develop countries, but there are some rules through those the immigrants can enter in the United States. Immigration to the United States of America have some conditions just as the reunion of families, hiring the skilled worker who will be most beneficial for the USA economy, refugees stability and enhancing diversity. The INA allocated a fixed quota for immigrants from a specific country to the United States. In the meantime permanent immigrants (family-based and employment-based) from a single country can be increased by 7% of the total number of people immigrating to the US in a year. This is adopted because no single group or nation dominate immigration strategy.

1. Family Based Immigration

Family unification is the main segment of immigration, this policy permit the USA nationals and other legal residents to bring their family members in the USA. This type of family visa is available for the USA based family relatives and US laws permit the immigrant in this way. There is no fixed figure for immigrant to allow, while the age limit and financial requirements impact on this. The immediate relatives are spouses of U.S. national citizen, kids and young children under the age of 21 years who are unmarried and parents of the United States of America citizen, but here the applicant for this case must be over 21 years old. Family-based visas are issued to intimidate relatives of US citizen, but here the rules and laws of this country are difficult. However, the visa which are issued in this category of the preference system every year are not less than 226,000. This visa types usually cross the number more than 480,000 per year. The family preference system allow the U.S. citizen or LPR sponsor can bring their relative in US, but they must prove the relationship with him/her. He/she must meet the financial requirement for this visa and the US citizen will provide an affidavit that he/she will financially support his/her relative in the USA on arrival.

2. Employment Based Immigration

Temporary USA Visas

The United States has offer different entries to highly skilled immigrant worker to this country on the basis of permanent or a temporary. United States has various temporary visa for skilled workers just as L visa type, which is for intra company transfers, P visa is allocated for entertainers, athletes and skilled performers. R type visa offered for religious workers, A visa category is for diplomatic workers, those who have an extra ability or talent granted O type visa, H type visa is for skilled and semi skilled employees. The temporary visa is sponsored by employer to specific worker and the temporary visa are limited in number. 

Permanent Immigration

Permanent employment based immigration visas are limited in 140,000 per year. This permanent immigration is distributed in five major categories like an extraordinary person having unique characteristics in arts, science, education, business, athletics, professors and researchers who showed classic talent and performance. This visa category is specific in numbers and granted a fixed number of visas. The second category is for professionals in different fields, the third category is for those who have two years degree or having experience. An other category is for religious workers, employees of U.S. foreign service posts and there is also a category for those investors having worth of $500,000 to $1 million and can adjust ten full-time workers.

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3. Refugees and Asylees

This category of visa is for the people who cannot go back to their home countries due to life-threatening or any other reason or because of harsh conditions. Refugees are allow to the United States because of various reasons like political opinion, religion and national origin. Refugees apply for this visa from out of US and their application can be approved because of intensity of risk or they have family relation in the USA. The number of refugees permit in the USA is after the conciliation of President America and Congress each year.

4. The Diversity Visa Program

According to immigration Act of 1990 which permit 55,000 people each year and it is for those countries whose immigrant number is less than 50,000 to America in previous five years. This visa has simple eligibility just an applicant has a high-school education or two years working experience in require field. This visa is distributed through a computer-generated random lottery drawing for six regions of the world. This visa is based on regional basis. However, this scheme is especially for Africans and eastern Europeans. 

5. Other Forms of Humanitarian Relief 

Temporary Protected Status (TPS) is issued to person who are staying in the USA, but cannot go back to their native countries due to some kinds of disaster, going on armed conflict. This temporary visa is granted for six, 12, or 18 months and may be increased if the circumstances remain same. There are some people those are allowed to enter in the USA through parole although they do not fulfil the requirements, but admitted on humanitarian ground. 

6. U.S. Citizenship

Applicant can get U.S. citizenship through naturalisation, but for this an applicant must contains green card for five years. Another case have green card through a U.S.-citizen spouse. Applicant for this visa must be 18 years old and have good moral values. It is also necessary for applicant that he/she passes English and U.S. history and civics examination. It is also compulsory for an applicant he/she pays application process fee and fulfil all other basic requirement for this visa.

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