Norway Study Visa

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Norwegian institutions of higher education are open for all students from all over the world. Currently, there are more than 9 000 foreign students are in education process in Norway. Students from all countries of the world can apply for different levels of education from undergraduate to post graduate degree program. There are some universities and colleges those offer special education program for international students. The medium of education is mostly English and about thousand of study courses taught entirely in English. All major subjects are available in Norway for international students and the average yearly costs for an international student is in between € 600 and € 800 a month. This money is required for daily expenses, registration and tuition fees. To get Norway study visa it is necessary that a student must complete all the basic requirement and pay visa processing fee. Students from all over the world want to get Norway student visa because this country offer outstanding and best education. In Norway the students are allowed to work with their studies in hours in a specific week, but on holidays these hours extended. There are various categories of student visa and similarly some course and countries does not require student visa.

Study without study visa

There are some countries known as Scandinavian countries like Iceland, Denmark, Sweden and Finland student does not require student visa to study in Norway. While if students from these countries have a plan to study in Norway for more than six months, then have to visit tax office in Norway for an ID check. Similarly students from countries of the European Economic Area (EEA) and from the European Free Trade Association (EFTA) can study in Norway without student visa for more than three months. In this case, just visit nearest police station and show related documents like passport, confirmation letter from registered education institute, health insurance card and declaration that student have enough fund to live and study in Norway. However, student do not apply for student visa if he/she does not fulfill the requirement directed by Norwegian Directorate of Immigration.

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Who need a student visa for Norway?

Students who have a plan to study in Norway for more than three months require a student’s residences permit. If a student comes from the country that require visa and student want to study less than three months then a student visa is also require. The student’s residences permit requirement and method varies from country to country.

Student residence permit 

After getting, student residence permit in Norway allow the permit holder to work part-time that is up to 20 hours per week while in university holidays this extended to full-time. If a student has completed his/her studies then the student is allowed to apply for a residence permit for up to six months. In this case, student will apply as a skilled worker. Here, student will prove that he/she has been skilled during his/her time studying in Norway. It may be possible that the student got special training before the admission in Norway. Moreover, student will prove that he/she has enough fun to support himself in Norway.

Student visa requirements for Norway.

The basic requirement for student visa in Norway is the offer letter from a college or university. Students can apply for college or university through online or a Norwegian embassy. However, most students apply through nearest Norwegian embassy or consulate. The following documents are necessary for Norway student visa. 
1. A completed application form dully filled.
2. Receipt of paid application fee.
3. A valid passport or travel document.
4. Transcripts copies, degree and certificate copies.
5. Educational institute admission approval.
6. Financial evidence to ensure meet the expenditure including tuition fee and living expense.
7. Ensure that the student will return to his/her native country after completion of studies.
8. Sponsoring letter.
9. Personal income/bank statement (if applicable)
10. A recent color photograph

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