Earn money via Google AdSense

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Often, you may have noticed when you search any word in Google it shows the relevant ads on the screen’s right and above the results either. For displaying these ads, the owners pay Google through its program Adwards. Google earns a big share of its income by displaying the ads on those owners’ sites. Google is not one and only partner of this earning; you also can get your share by displaying these ads on your site via Google AdSense.

Google started this program on June 18, 2003, and now it’s the most working way of online earning for sure. If it is used properly it can become a permanent way to your earning. But being honest is a condition because Google doesn’t disturb until it is tried to be disturbed.

The working way with AdSense is also simple. You have to make a website and convey to the maximum surfers through SEO so that they may visit your site and click the ads displayed by Google. We are going to write all the procedures step by step.

Earn money With AdSense by making a website

Before registration for Google AdSense, you have to prepare your own website. This website can be on any interesting topic. The site’s language also matters. It has been noticed that sites prepared using languages other than English or others that are being spoken in Europe can’t earn much through Google AdSense. So, decide to choose the language thinking in depth. The site should be attractive and helpful to get the maximum users. Remember, by stealing the content from another site, you can’t deceive Google, so the content on the site should be original and unique.

If it’s not possible to create a site by yourself but you have a good sketch of a website in your mind you can get your site established by hundreds of existing bigger and smaller software houses or a good designer/developer. Surely, you will have to spend some money but think hardly, if there is any business that doesn’t need the initial investment.

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After completing a website, it’s necessary to be advertised somewhere in order to increase the number of visitors. To increase the number of visitors many different marketing strategies are applied. You can either do it by doing proper SEO and writing eye catching descriptions or by social media, the most popular of which are Facebook and Twitter, where the existing friends and followers can prove to be helpful in terms of increasing the traffic. Experts say that at least six months of your created website, you shouldn’t apply for Google AdSense account. It’s usual to reject the applications by Google AdSense, sent by webmasters. So, it’s better to prepare your site well to avoid being rejected.

For the 2nd step, you have to register on Google AdSense. Providing right information during the registration process is required for being benefitted. After completing the registration, your account is not activated soon after, instead, it is sent to the appropriate person or a computer program for inspection which analysis whether your site is able for displaying the Google ads or not. If your site is completed according to the AdSense rules, your site is more likely to be accepted. Then you will have the privilege of placing the adds on your website and stepping into the new era of earing and working with Google AdSense.

On the contrary if you are rejected, there is no need to be discouraged. There must be few problems in your website which should be mentioned in the account rejection mail. Get rid of all those discrepancies, improve you site and resend the application.

I hope this guideline will help you get your AdSense account approved. If you have any quire or want to share your experience feel free.

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