Choose Freelancing as Your Career

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If you are a developer or know any programming language; have full command on any important software, can speak English well, have a decent typing speed, can troubleshoot, know accounting well, can write articles or press releases, in short, have expertise in any area, and then you can freelance.

If American or European companies or a person hire someone for some task or project they have to bear many expenses other than pay. Many have a little number of office boys; they can’t bear to keep a person for a job. So, such companies or individuals outsource the task from workers online exist in inexpensive countries like Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, China, Philippine. A part of being stayed away, those workers complete the task in a better way. Thus, the client saves money as well as the worker gets good return compared to the local market.

The progress and changes occurred about the internet and computer has formed the outsourcing as an industry. This time, outsourcing and freelancing became an industry of billions US dollars. A big part of earned wealth of India and Philippine’s software industry comes through the jobs outsourced.

Whether it’s IBM or Intel, Del or General Electric, all prefer outsourcing to cut down the expenses instead of having permanent employees. You may wonder to know that hundreds of famous American and European companies’ customer support centers or call center exist in Pakistan, India, Philippines and Bangladesh which get compensation per call or according to the agreement and save millions of dollars for such companies. Here, it’s able to mention that most established software houses in Pakistan complete the outsourced tasks only.

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Certainly, you may think that how to open a software house or a call center, but for freelancing, you just need to have a computer, the internet, and the ability. Also, as mentioned above, almost, you can perform any task but mostly the outsourced jobs relate to the computer. So, finding an online job is easier relatively for those who have skills regarding web development, graphic designing, or computer programming.

We are going to mention some websites where you can get outsourced projects.

The worker – Rent A code

Note: Freelancer has purchased this website.

How to Apply for an outsource project

The worker is the oldest and most famous market website. Earlier, it was named Rent A Code which has been replaced by The worker last year. The registration on this site is free whilst there is no fee on applying on the projects too. The way of working on this site is that the person, who needs some work done, describes the project detail. You as a virtual worker apply explaining that you will complete the work for a specific amount. Only you and the project’s owner can see the submitted bid. If the owner accepts your bid he escrows money according to the bid’s value.

Now, you start working according to the project detail and complete within given deadline. The owner checks and accepts releasing the payment in case of correct work. After the work is completed, The Worker deposits the amount in your account which you can order via different ways such as the Western Union and so. In the beginning, you will need to work hard for getting the project as millions are working here. Why your bid should be accepted? You have to prove it yourself.

Here, you will get any type of work including typing, logo designing, programming, website development, and troubleshooting. It would be better if you focus on one or more specific type of jobs and bid on the projects only you can do well and finish within the provided deadline.

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