How to Convert Skimming Visitors into Permanent Blog Readers?

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In today’s internet world, controlling the skimming visitors and making them stay on your blog is a hard task for bloggers especially for newcomers to the writing field. Visitors are so fickle, they won’t be held for more than some minutes on your article and will run far away after having a glance onto the headings, subheadings, tags, and a few first lines of your article.

Since the distractions involved in our lives, and every person is suffering from the busy schedule he has, a question comes into our mind, why should a reader read your blog spending his time and focusing on the content you provide?

When you complete an article spending much time in researching, exploring the web pages and then writing using your own thoughts, words, and skills completely defined and comprehensive way do people care about it? You use your soul and heart, finding the ways to express your feelings, experience, and knowledge, but in return, you get nothing but throwing your effort into an abyss.

You write thinking to improve your site’s bounce rate, but you see it disappointing. This scares you and makes you review the efforts done and research completed.

Probably, you will be thinking the writing skills you have, are insufficient to move on, you are required to learn more. Or it’s possible that the content you write is not so engaging as it should be.

The reason mentioned above is reasonable to present. Did you hear about the great writers like Hemingway and SteinBeck? Do you know how many years they took to reach the level they are at present? They didn’t get that achievement within weeks or months; a constant work, continuous research, patience, and deep study made them what they are in terms of great writers and researchers. If they need to spend years to get the appreciated level, what do you think about yourself who just entered and started dreaming of being known as a great writer?

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Whenever you start writing an article you get overwhelmed as the expected responses by your visitors will force you to stop writing for them due to providing what they don’t want to read, see, or enjoy. Probably, you use the words so common and general that can’t grasp them for more than 5 minutes on your blog.

Don’t worry, you are visiting this page and I assure you, at the end of this article you will feel good and confidence in writing your first blog and to convert your skimming visitors into addicted and loyal readers.

Whenever you start an article, the first impression that happens to your readers, is the title you choose. Your title should be powerful and emotional, and try to add some eye-catching words to make them forced to read the entire article. Avoid using common titles such as beauty tips, sports news, technology words, etc. Instead, consider having titles consist of some logical theories like how to make your face beautiful, five things to avoid in order to remain handsome, etc.

Keep in mind that if your title has enough substance to attract the visitors they will likely to move on to read the first sentence of your article. If the first sentence succeeded to make them stay there, you have chances to be considered regarding reading the full article. But, unfortunately, if you fail in moving them towards your fist paragraphs, they won’t come here again and you will need to work hard to get them back. So, consider having a title that forces people to read your first paragraph.

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