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To make your living comfortable in a house and enjoy the long term benefits, certain tips should be considered before buying a house

  • Long Term Planning:-

Planning is prerequisite for anything and in case of buying home the long term planning is necessary. Other than just considering the type of home you want, you should check that home is suitable for every member like elderly and children. The location of your house should be suitable for school of children, it has excess to major roads, the shopping and entertainment centers and everything else which matters to you.  Whether you want to live in that house for temporary basis like just for a few years or want that house permanently because if you want a home for few years and when planning its resale, whether people would be interested in buying that house according to its location or not

  • Keeping your money safe:-

Keeping your money safe is very essential while buying a new home. Just make it clear to yourself how much money you have right now and how much you can take loan to accommodate the price. You should discuss your credit profile with your money lender so that he can view it and make sure how much money he can lend you, and what you can afford Getting a preapproved mortgage based on your location (rural aea, urban area, industrial area) is very necessary because this will save you from checking every possible house that you can buy it or not. Make clear the terms of your loan and check thoroughly to save yourself from any hidden charges. 

  • There is no perfect time to buy the house:-

There is no perfect time to buy a house in terms of housing market. The real estate is cyclical in nature and it can go up and down at anytime so do not anticipate it according to its market value because in this case you will never going to find a best house for yourself. The perfect time to buy a house is when you actually need a house and you have your eyes on a house which you can afford.

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  • Checking the Neighborhoods:-

Survey your land as many times till you are satisfied with your neighbors and neighborhoods. Doing that will save you from future troubles and you get to know which type of people you will be living next to, what sort of neighborhoods are you having. Talk to your neighbors about your location, facilities and whether they are satisfied with this place and recommend buying it or not. Check whether your children will feel good in that neighborhood. Many people just reject some actually good houses when they get to know about the neighborhoods so knowing neighborhoods is extremely important.

  • Consider the suburbs:-

Considering suburbs is very important. If you check on your surrounding suburbs and do not fit into your budget consider another option because this will lead you an unaffordable pricing of suburbs.

  • Avoiding other costs:-

When you are buying a new house you should consider other costs like property tax, facilities, maintenances and repairing costs, travel costs etc, This things can give you a lot of financial troubles so before buying have an estimate of all the costs you can have to not have any financial stress and end up losing your house.

  • Do not trust emotions while buying a house

Trusting your emotions while buying a house will lead you to bad financial decisions. Be wise and intelligent while purchasing. Make a list of all essential items and good to have things in a house. Do not just buy a home if you have fallen in love with its unique design and color of walls because this will put you in a very bad position. This things are just to attract your attention. If that house has nothing like that what is present in your list, consider another option because an ugly looking house can be easily remodeled.

  • Do not sign the contract before reading it carefully

Do not sign your contract while you have thoroughly read it yourself and have understood everything. If there is something which is complicated contact your real estate agent to make it easy for you. And if you can afford hire a home inspector who can decide for you whether this house is suitable for you or not. His decision will be unbiased and help you a lot.

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