Canada Airport Jobs

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Airport Jobs in Canada

Canada is one of the most popular destinations for various reasons and one of them is the airline jobs there. It is because it is a very large country that is also quite modern and contemporary. People travel there all the time and there are new airports and airlines being made and setup every other year. Canada, therefore, has a lot of potential for employment in so many fields related to the airline business. Now some people often wonder that this job niche might not be for them because they are either afraid of flying or don’t want to be ip in the air for too long. Well, the plus point is, airline jobs don’t just have to be in the air but on the ground too. There are stations and headquarters on the ground that cooperate the airlines and technicians help operate the entire system. Secondly there are various jobs in the airports we all that are of two types, one that requires a degree and the other that doesn’t require a degree. This article covers some of the airport jobs in canada that might suit your skills and even your degree if you got one. Keep reading and find out some of those jobs. However listed below are only some jobs and not all of them. So one needs to know that therefore plenty of more jobs from where these came from and that there are jobs like managers and coordinators on the ground as well that go well with their skills, qualifications and interest.

Airline Posts in Canada

Listed below are some of the posts in an airport and inside the airline that might be of interest to some of you who want to go in this field.

Airport Security Officer

Security officers are in great demand these days because of the constant threat of crime in today’s world. This is a job that requires a lot of stamina and patience and one needs to keep that in mind. For this a degree or any qualification of some sort is required as well as some prior experience. If you are a retired army officer, or have been in police, or any kind of a security organisation and have experience in management as well as security related issues, this job might be the one for you then. Security officers do need to be alert, should have leadership qualities, should be able to work well with a team and lead them firmly but also encourage them to do better. Security officers also need to be vigilant regarding all the tiny details of the airport security inside and out. They constantly need to check their staff as well as take rounds of the area to know better what is going on. Though all of this might sound quite tiring to you, it is not actually, especially for those who already have experience in the field. Lastly, though it isn’t always required to use the weapon, bit as a security officer, you are also expected to be able to operate a weapon if needed or be able to fight well in a combat. But these are the skills that are rarely required and most of the time it doesn’t come to that.

Airport Security Guard

Next is the airport security guard, which is another tough job and actually tougher than than the security officer in a physical manner. But this doesn’t require a university degree. Most of the time, a simple matriculation will suffice as long as one has a strong and lean physique, and is able to understand the message and fight well. Though even if you don’t know how to fight, the training for security guards will teach you how to defend and attack in a combat as well as operate weapon. Security guards also need to be on the night shift or day shift watch at the gates. Some of them also travel on the airplanes. So it is better to know about your preferences about flying and other things before applying, but the job pays well in the Canadian airlines, salaries are good and they also get facilities just like other posts.

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No plane can fly itself and no one else can do it better than a pilots. Pilots in every airline and every country do need to be qualified with a degree and also in the same field. Those who acquire a pilot degree, are especially taught to fly planes, are gone through mind and body exercises to be able to handle the pressure of the flight and what to do if something goes wrong. There are many specialised schools of pilots in Canada. But even if you have gotten your degree from another country, as long as your flying hours are complete and you can fly well, you have good chances of getting hired. Now it depends on you which type of a pilot you’d like to be, domestic flights one or the international airlines one. One requirement from pilots that everyone expects is to have a good eyesight, so if you have problems with an eyesight, you might want to look elsewhere for the job or on ground in the headquarters. But otherwise, this is an important job that requires active vigilant people and if you are one, then apply away.

Air hostess

The air host and hostesses are one of the most important people in an airplane. The air hosts have many things on their list of responsibilities other than just taking care of the passengers. Air hosts of airlines are a connection between the passengers and the rest of the airplane crew and they take care of the needs of passengers and make them comfortable. Although there is no specific degree required for becoming air hosts however any kind of qualification that is Bachelors and above is mostly required. There are some skills that are a must for an air host, most of them are taught to selected candidates in institutions that groom and make air hosts. The job requirements include constantly smiling and having a calm and cool mindset even if you are mad or in trouble. The job of an air host is a luxurious one because one gets to travel a lot and also enjoys special benefits but it is also quite tiring. One has to attend to the needs of all the passengers, being them food and other items they might need. Constantly be alert and being polite as well as trying to help passengers do small chores like fastening seat belts, providing them with comfortable seating etc. If you are looking for a job as an air host or hostess, you need to be more welcoming and warm towards people, put a comfortable and warm smile on your face and need to know more than your mother tongue. English is a must, you need to speak and understand English quite good but you also need to learn other languages, mostly depends on the airline you are travelling.

Operations Agent

Operation agents are equally important people who basically keep a check on the people and luggage being carried on the plane. As an operations agent, your job will be to keep a count of the number of passengers that are boarding the plane and that no extra person boards it. You will also be looking for the luggage that is loaded and that it is in the right amount and the right luggage. Moreover the responsibility of the fuel is also on the operations agent as they check and balance the fuel and the staff as well. From the cleaning of the airplane to boarding and providing accessories, an operations agent watches over these things. This job is for someone who is sharp and active and is good at management. A qualification in management as well as prior experience would be necessary to apply for this in Canadian airlines.

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