Properties of Heliodore

General properties of Heliodor gemstone

Category= cyclosilicate

Color= colorless to different color including yellow and green

Hardness on Mohs scale= 7.5 to 8

Luster= Vitreous, transparent and translucent

Cleavage= imperfect

Specific gravity= 2.76

Streak= white

Found in= Nambia, Madagascar, Russia, Brazil, Nigeria and United States.

Birthstone month

No particular month is associated with Heliodore gemstone

Zodiac sign

Scorpio, Sagittarius and Leo are the zodiac signs which are associated with the gemstone Heliodore

Some facts about Heliodor

Heliodore is the variety of Beryl and used as a gemstone. Beryl is beryllium Aluminum Silicate in scientific classification. It is colorless in its natural state but when different type of elements are present in beryl it show color variation. Iron and Uranium are two elements which are present in beryl and give it greenish- yellow color. Greenish- yellow variety of beryl is called Heliodore. The name of Heliodore came from two different words “Helios” and “Doron” which are Greek words and has meaning “Sun” and “Gift” respectively. In on institute of Washington DC the world largest Heliodore gemstone is on display and weight of this Heliodore is 2,054 carat. This is most common variety of beryl. Heliodore is affordable gemstone for every one because of its moderate price. Heliodore is rare when it is large in size. Some people confused between golden variety of beryl and Heliodore because of its color due to Iron and uranium presence but this is not true because Heliodore is greenish- yellow or pale yellow in color not golden in color. Due to its hardness and durable nature this gemstone can be used as jewelry and in everyday wear. You can wash this gemstone with warm soapy water and soft brush. You have to prevent this gemstone from excessive exposure of heat, light and chemical. Heliodore can be used in different type of industrial purposes.

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Narrative, Legends and Healing properties of Heliodor gemstone

Here are some novel properties of this gemstone. People have zodiac sign Leo, Sagittarius and Scorpio can use this gemstone as a ring, pendants and earring and keep them in their pocket and take advantages from these.

Heliodor is good for clearing the body from any type of toxins. It is very beneficial if you need to do hard work in your profession. So for your relief this gemstone is top of the list.

It is known to slow down the hyperactivity and over-reactions of the body for example nervous tics, a bouncing leg, a tapping finger,  water  of this gemstone eases muscle cramps and stiff muscles.

Psychologically, this gemstone brings equilibrium to its wearers or users and gives them courage for living and life. It makes its wearers confident and enhances their personality. It can promote a clear head and stimulate the mind, mostly in mentally and negotiations demanding work.

Keep a Heliodor with your meditation equipment or on your body to aid in the development of your spiritual communications and psychic powers.

At last a heliodor is the sign of protection, it is considered as a power of success and recognition.

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