Study in Cyprus

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Cyprus is an island country located in the south of Turkey famous for the quality of education and top ranking universities. The education is Cyprus is considered to be quite economical as compared to other European countries and that’s one of the reasons that hundreds of individuals visit Cyprus for studies.

Education in Cyprus

Cyprus has a strong educational system in place that begins in primary and secondary school. Both private schools and public schools are available. According to some resources, as much as seven percent of the country’s GDP is spent on education. This makes one of the three most spend on education in the world, behind Denmark and Sweden. Both public and private schools are considered equal.

As in Greece, high school grades are not considered important for those students who enroll in university programs. Although a degree is a requirement, students will need to test admission based on whether the student can study at school and, if so, what level of courses he or she needs to take. All college candidates, including International individuals, one has to take this type of test before entering university here.

Many individuals travel to universities across Europe, North America or other areas for their education. There are numerous colleges and universities located in Cyprus. The following are just a few of the top listed educational institutes in Cyprus.

  • Dogu Akdeniz University
  • The University of Cyprus
  • Cyprus International University
  • Yakin Dogu University
  • University of Nicosia
  • International Institute of Management of Cyprus

Most students enroll in degree courses within these universities and colleges. Some institutes offer comprehensive educational options while others focus on business or health.

Courses and Career

In terms of what you can study in Cyprus, there is virtually no limit here for the international student. Individuals can study advanced technology and health. Financial studies, business administration programs, Greek and language education, arts programs, and more are available. Students spend between one to four years getting their education. This significantly depends on the course of work and the student’s needs. Many students spend only a year or two studying here to complete a country education course.

Costs of education in Cyprus

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Foreign students must apply directly to the school to determine the cost of education. The programs can range from € 3000, up to € 10,000 per year. This is defined by the institute, not by the government. There are numerous overseas study programs available as well. These programs can help make it cheaper because the room and board is often provided. However, the average student will need to provide their own accommodations.

Health insurance in Cyprus

Although public health care is often available to citizens, it is not readily available to students who are traveling internationally. Some overseas study programs provide the health insurance for students enrolled in these programs. Otherwise, the student must obtain health care by enrolling in a policy through a local provider.

Visas for Students in Cyprus

The Civil File and Government Migration Department of Cyprus deals with the visas required for students attending a college or university here. In general, a student visa is available, but is issued only after a student has been accepted into an educational program through an accredited educational institute. Students must attend college/university and the course of study must be approved by the Ministry of Education and Culture.

Applicants will have to apply for a student visa of Cyprus after receiving acceptance into the school. These are issued only to students who enroll full time in education here. This is one that is enrolled in at least 12 credits in a semester. These are issued by the Embassy, High Commission or Consulate of the Republic of Cyprus of the individual’s country at home.

Why study in Cyprus?

With a solid educational system, studying in Cyprus as an international student can be a great opportunity to explore the world’s richest stories while living in a welcoming community with a fantastic climate. In addition, there are job opportunities for those who have broad skills. While competition for high-end employment can be a challenge, more look favorably for students who are able to offer something unique and intriguing. Employers are always looking for more modern hiring. In addition, the cultural aspects of this region make it worth investing time in a student. For many, it is the ideal place to live.

This extract was an effort to provide you a guide line about studying opportunities in Cyprus. If you have any quire related to the article leave it in the comment box given below.

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