Study and work in Canada.

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Canada is considered as the best and most respected educational systems in the entire world. Thousands of students from other countries wish to achieve their educational milestones in Canada every year. There are many new ways to gain valuable work experience in Canada during, and after graduation, benefits of studying in Canada are excellent. Canada also offers the permanent immigration options for international students who have completed their higher education in Canada.

If you want to apply for admission in higher education, vocational training or professional training in a college, university or in other educational center in Canada, all you need is a study permit before entering Canada. Some of the exceptions of these rules are. For example, you do not need a permit if you sign up for a short or a six-month program or less. Nevertheless, if you think that you could study for more than six months, it’s a good idea to get a study permit before arriving. Many visa offices in the country where you are applying from have specific local instructions related to the documents that must be submitted together with the application.

A list of visa offices is available on the website that is All necessary forms and guidance to help you fill out the form available on the official website that is There is also a checklist of the documents to make sure that you have included everything you need with your application. Such as a Proof of your identity, a letter of acceptance and proof that you have funds that are necessary for your stay in Canada.

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The immigration department Canada may ask you to provide additional documents. In some other cases, when you and your family members are coming to Canada, you will need a medical examination. An 18 years old family member may also require security clearance. The Visa Section can help you with these issues. The Visa Section may ask for your interview in the process. If yes, they will convey the message to you that when and where the interview will be held.

If the application for Canadian student Visa that you have submitted is approved, you will receive an email confirming the approval of your application and it is a proof that your application has been approved. When you will arrive in the Canadian airport you will meet the CBSA officer (Canada Border Service Officer). The officer will check all your legal documents.

If you meet the criteria the officer will give you a study permit. In Canada you can gain a valuable work experience and complete allowance costs with the part time jobs for students from other countries. Although you must provide sufficient evidence of timely payment for your tuition and living expenses, before you arrive in in Canada, there are a number of programs issuing work permits for international students and also their common law partners, which makes working in Canada possible. Working in Canada can help you establish business contacts that may help you in the future and can also help in getting a Canadian immigration after the graduation.

Resolution on the Off-Campus work allows you to work up to 20 hours per week during your regular study sessions and full-time working during the scheduled breaks (e.g., summer and winter holidays). Foreign students who have a valid view of the research and study full-time at a university eligible to work full time in Canada.

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