Immigration To Australia

Australia is an extremely the best choice for young energetic people who want to carry on a new exciting life. Australian financial condition are amazing and the country welcome all skilled and disciplined people from all over the world. This skilled immigration is based or get through point based system and points are awarded for skilled work experience, academic qualification and language ability. This immigration visa requires some basic demands such as immigrant preferably should under 45 years of age and can speak basic or vocational English. Australian permanent residence means to live in Australia for unlimited time. If an imigrant get a permanent visa and kids who are under the age of 15 years and under are also included in the same application of their parents. There are two types of eligibility according to Form 1300t Australian citizenship the age of an applicant should be 18 years and under 60 years while according to Form 1290 Australian citizenship here applicant can be under 18 years or may be over 60 years or some other special cases. After getting Australian citizenship, an immigrant will get all benefits and duties as a person who was born here. Australia is a democratic country and has an equal right for all men and women. Australian law also give an equal opportunity to immigrants from all over the world.

Documents requirements
1. Valid passport.
2. English language certificate like IELTS.
3. Work experience.
4. Qualification copies of certificates, degrees, diploma etc.
5. Character certificate.
6. Medical clearance certificate.
7. Financial supporting documents.

Australia immigration basic requirements 
There are some fundamental requirements for applying Australian immigration and points are also based on these factors. 
1. Age limit. The applicant must be under 45 at the time of submitting application.
2. English language ability. It is necessary for applicant that he/she has at least a vocational level ability.
3. Academic Qualifications. Applicant must have post-secondary level education and skills would be checked by nominated occupation.
4. Occupation. Applicant occupation should be in Skilled Occupations List.
5. Experience. Experience in years will award points according to spending time.
6. Australian qualification. If an applicant has Australian qualification, which is less than six months then needs no experience before submitting an application.
7. Skills assessment. Australian authority will be examined applicant selected occupation.

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1. Exact Points Calculator
The following points calculator clearly provides a picture of assessment and an applicant can calculate his/her points through this format. 
Age recommended points in different age groups, while the age is simply calculated in round figures not in months.
Age 45 – 49 An applicant can apply but get 0 points for his/her age.
Age 40 – 44 = 15 points
Age 33 – 39 = 25 points
Age 25 – 32 = 30 points
Age 18 – 24 = 25 points

2. English language proficiency or hold on this language and this assessment is done by IELTS. However, if an applicant has passport from the UK, the USA, Ireland, Canada or New Zealand will automatically qualify. 
Superior = 20 points
Proficient = 10 points
Competent = 0 points

3. Skill or work experience from applicant native country.
Three years = 5 points
Five years = 10 points
Eight years = 15 points

4. However, an applicant score more points if his/her work experience is from Australia in listed occupation. 
One year = 5 points
Three years = 10 points
Five years = 15 points
Eight years = 20 points

5. Qualifications
Doctorate degree = 20 points
Bachelor degree = 15 points
Australian Diploma or trade qualification = 10 points
An authorized skills assessment in a recognized qualification = 10 points

6. Extra points can be scored in following cases.
1. Relevant course completed in Australia = 5 points. 
2. NAATI accreditation = 5 points
3. An applicant partner can give you 5 points

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