Jobs in Dubai Airport

The largest airport in Dubai is the Dubai International Airport. Dubai International Airport is one of the busiest airports in the world. It has the ability to handle seventy eight million passengers and about 2.51 million tons of cargo every year. Dubai International Airport is the main hub to perform its operations for fly Dubai, Emirates and Qantas. The economic effect of twenty seven billion US dollars, making it a place with jobs opportunities for locals and overseas in many industries or sectors.

Its aviation is growing every year, and should lead to millions of jobs in the Dubai airport in the coming years. If you are a new graduate and you are earning a double-digit salary, it does not seem attractive. Dubai Airport provides salary about sixteen thousand dirhams, in addition to your primary health insurance, education and health benefits for you and your children. In addition, they give you 36 days’ vacation per year and provide travel expenses too. Most of the jobs offered to citizens of the United Arab Emirates and to the overseas under a program for the graduates.

Persons aged 20-26 can apply in Dubai international airport, and 0-1 years of experience is also required. If you are in search for a job where your skills will be polished and your skills will be improved, in this case Dubai Airport is the best place to look for a job. They promise to enhance the personal and professional growth for employees. This can be done easily, because all employees of Dubai Airport can develop their skills through training by doing a coaching course. The team is dedicated to the training and development to help less experienced employees, but they also need to be hard workers as well. For employees who are already working at airports, there is a big chance to improve, as they first look internally to hire employees at a good position if they can’t find suitable person than they have to hire foreign employees.

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As in the case of expansion of its activity as a manager of the operations of Dubai International and Dubai World Trade Center in Dubai, employment opportunities are increasing. The best place to look for a job in Dubai Airport is one of its official websites. The website of Dubai International Airport always shows a list of available job offers with the recruitment policy. Following services are available in the Dubai airport with tons of jobs. Emmaus, flight organization, pilots, finance and audit, the group on security issues, HR, legal services, IT, medical services, retail and Contact Center. Education and training to its employees is done in security group and scheduled passenger service system.

Jobs at the airport in Dubai are available in the Emirates Group. Emirates Group is a tourism and travel operation corporation which has a worldwide reputation.  The Emirates Group offers a variety of jobs to people living all over the world that belong to one hundred and fifty nationalities. You can find appropriate employment opportunities through the website and you can apply online. Some jobs that might interest you are of HR manager, technical engineer, sales manager, e-commerce manager, travel agents, receptionists, health and safety coordinators, live agents, and more. Before applying you should know that some jobs only for UAE residents, while others are open to all.

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