Abu Dhabi Airport Jobs.

The international airport of Abu Dhabi is the main airport of Abu Dhabi in the Emirates states. Abu Dhabi Airport is the 2nd biggest airport in the United Arab Emirates. This is also the main airport and the second largest airline in UAE. Abu Dhabi Airport have served more than 25 million passengers in 2016. It consists of three main terminals, the first terminal, second terminal 2 and third terminal, Abu Dhabi Airport covers 8,500 acres of area. The airport of Abu Dhabi indicates special places for Etihad Airways. Etihad Airways is the 2nd biggest airline in terms of providing services in UAE after Emirates. Fifty three airline to provide its services of around eighty five destinations in 49 countries. This is the best and the most beautiful airport in the state of UAE. Abu Dhabi Airport is equipped with the best and latest technology, as the Dubai International Airport have. It is also a duty-free shop where you can buy something duty free. This is the best characteristic of the Abu Dhabi Airport. This airport also have the AUH is a new fragrance shop in the third terminal, where you can buy all kinds of perfumes for your love.

The main objective of the administration of the Abu Dhabi airport is, the development of young Emiratis by providing key skills and ability to work in at Abu Dhabi Airport, this initiative will help to ensure that Abu Dhabi Airport authorities will support the vision 2030 of Abu Dhabi. It will not only be the main gateway to the emirate of Abu Dhabi but it will also ensure to attract and develop the talent of the emirate’s aviation sector. We understand that a career choice you have made now will define your long-term career opportunities and what better career choice will be in the aviation industry, which is one of the main areas of growth the UAE States.

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Abu Dhabi Airport offers job opportunity to those people who have the master’s qualification, bachelor’s qualification or higher national diploma to join this airline and become a post-graduate trainee, while those with a three-year degree or two-year degree can join this airport as a junior trainee. Abu Dhabi is an emerging state in the UAE after Dubai, and in current scenario a lot of business is shifter from Dubai to Abu Dhabi, millions of passengers have travelled to Abu Dhabi this year through the Abu Dhabi Airport.

Due to these reasons the Abu Dhabi Airport is expanding day by day, and this airport for their expansion purpose will need a staff to satisfy its needs. Thousands of positions are vacant in the different departments of Abu Dhabi airport like (Fire fighter, IT, in HR services and management, security, guides, drivers, general staff, baggage department, duty managers, Marshalls, doorman’s, loaders, accountants, food and the beverage managers and many more). Locals and also the overseas can apply for these jobs.

It is a great chance for the people who are searching for the jobs in Abu Dhabi International Airport. Frequent trips, free flights and the three types of very generous compensation as a typical fringe benefits provided by the Abu Dhabi Airlines. It also offers options for health care, different retirement plans and other benefits of work and life balance for employment to the qualified professionals as well. Specific advantages are available but often varies depending on the position.

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