Spring Fashion Trends in UK

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Popular spring Fashion Trends in UK

Spring season is approaching with its colours and new accessories. No culture is complete without its unique trends of music, arts and fashion. Civilisations are known through their clothes, their food and their languages. Even today when we look at various countries and races, we will be able to distinguish them based on what they eat, what they wear, what music they have, what makeup they wear and what traditions that community follows. United Kingdom is no different and it has its own prominent items of fashion and style that can be distinguished from the world pretty easily.

In this article, we have discussed some of the most common fashion items that you will notice in the streets of UK in spring season and at other times of the year too. Bear in mind that the weather in UK is most of the tear cold and rainy, with sun coming out rarely. Summer season is also short but the weather becomes pleasant enough that people can go out and enjoy the fresh air, sun rays and even flowers. Now lets see what fashion trends can be seen in spring/summer season in UK.

Light but Subtle Colours

Since most of the year UK sees heavy rainfall and snow, the people tend to wear darker colours to perhaps keep themselves warm. Thus when the warmer days arrive, people wear light colours that are not very vibrant to the eye. Pastels are a good option and so are softer and lighter colour hues. If you are shopping for your stay in UK or can’t decide what to take their, beige, crème, black and red are always the safest option.

Long and Short Skirts

Irish and Scottish fashion of skirts has never been out of date no matter what century it has been. Over the years the style of skirts has evolved but this one fashion has always made it to the ramps, streets, markets, institutions and the comfy confinement of homes. Any colour would be great for skirts for spring because the style itself is very light and airy, gives the skin to breath and enjoy the open weather. The popular trend in skirts in UK is the knee length skirts and the ankle length skirts but other lengths can also be seen on the streets. But as opposed to the American straight pencil skirts, UK prefers flared and flow-y skirts.

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Long Coots and Ankle Boots

Long boots and ankle boots never go out of fashion in UK because of the weather and perhaps because of the style too. Even in the spring and summers, the weather is slightly cold enough to make people wear long boots and ankle boots comfortably. Plus they look great with skirts, jeans, dressed and almost anything and everything. Leather long boots and the most popular with suede ankle boots being the second favourite of the fashion geeks of UK.

Hats and Caps

Have you seen the royal weddings of UK? The women wearing those huge hats with various flowers and beads adorning them? Well these are the popular hats of the Irish, Scottish and English people that have been a tradition in those lands for ages. Although other parts of the world do have traditional hats and caps but this specific style of gigantic hats with little embellishments is a fashion mostly people associate with Paris and England. If you are visiting UK, the trip would not be complete without buying those lovely traditional hats. Moreover the Scottish and Irish people also have the traditional cowboy hats made of suede and leather. They are equally fancy and an old culture fashion item of the area.

Bright Coloured Long Coats

Because the rains and slight chilliness in the winds does not fade away in UK, coats are a must no matter what time of the year it is. However, in spring season, instead of the dark heavier coats, people like to go for soft and subtle coloured wraps, shrugs and coats. The colours can be mustard, orange, pink, yellow, mint and even lime green. The material of these coats is also light and thus protect the body from the wind but are also good for carrying in the sun and cloudy days. There are some colours that go in all the seasons and beige, crème and orange are one of them. If you are confused about what to purchase for both seasons, a medium tone of warm brown is also a safe option.

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