Work Permit in Australia

The climate and the lifestyle in Australia is a huge advantage for foreign students. But what will happen after your graduation? Can you stay in Australia and work temporarily or even immigrate? Yes in case if you have acquired a valid visa with right to work in Australia. Read this article to get one.
Requirements For Australian Work Permit
After you are graduated you can stay in Australia for 18 months to max four years, depending on the qualifications level you have.
Firstly, you need to have a temporary graduate (subclass 485) Australian visa.
To be eligible for this visa, you must be under 50 years old, to be healthy and have a good command of English (IELTS 6 points or passport from an English speaking country).
Post study visa allows you and also your family to live, travel study and work in Australia for two to four years, in case you are graduated from an Australian educational institution during the last six months or if you have a degree, you can stay for two years.
If you have a master degree program, you can stay for two or three years. And if you have a Ph.D. degree, you can stay for four years. However, if your qualification is less than a bachelor’s degree (diploma or degree), you are not eligible for this visa.
In Australia if you already have a job offer, you will be a candidate for immigration visa under the employer sponsored immigration visa and your respective company will apply and obtain the visa on your behalf. This category includes the temporary visa and permanent visa as well. The most Australian visa is a temporary work visa (for skilled and qualifies persons); Employers use it to sponsor skilled worker in abroad for four years. This visa issuance depends on the employer, which acts as a sponsor and your total employment, but not in certain position within the company.
The second type of visa is the permanent visa and this visa comes in the category of ENSV (Employer Nominated Scheme Visa). Employer Nominated Scheme Visa allows employers to sponsor skilled foreign professionals to fill vacancies in their company, which cannot be filled by the applicants in Australia. Skill Select program is constructed for the people who want to shift to Australia to look for a job. People who apply for the skill select program do not need a sponsor, but they must prove that they have the skills and qualifications required to work in the list of Australia’s skilled trades. If you have skills that are currently in demand in the Australian labor market, you must pass the test that is by scoring a minimum number of points. Points are awarded depending on the level of knowledge of the English language, a particular experience or other skills than your partner could bring to the country.
A good score in the test automatically allows you to apply for permanent immigration visa at the national or regional level. The immigration department in Australia is ready to provide permanent visa for people who can contribute in the long run for the economy and the country.

Skilled migrants who want to work in Australia will be evaluated on the basis of a points system, with points for work experience, qualifications and language skills. You must first submit an expression of interest for a skilled visa, via Skill Select process. If accepted, you can start the application for full visa.

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