Student Visa of USA

As for the foreign studies the United States is the most popular destination in the world. United States of America annually attracts more and more foreign students. If you are looking to study abroad in the United States and get a piece of the American Dream, you will need a student visa of USA.

Despite the fact that this is an important step in the process of studying abroad, it should not be confused. This article will guide you through each step that how you can apply for student visa of United States for study purposes. For American student visas the requirements are very specific. In order to be eligible for a student visa, you must have to select the course of your interest in an American university, and you must have enough money to complete the selected course, you must be prepared to study in America and intend to leave at the end of course. All the criteria’s will be determined at the time of the interview, but there are some elements you should look for before you apply.

You have to make sure that you own enough amount of money in your bank account  and must see how much cost you have to bear when you will go to study in America, this cost analysis is also called the SCC (Study Cost Compare). You must wait for your letter of acceptance from the selected university before applying for a visa. Although your visa can be issued within 120 days or less before your course, your application can be processed before this procedure, so it is a good idea to ask for a student visa as soon as you have all the necessary documents, the extra time you have will keep you focused in the most interesting parts of study abroad, for example, when you will start studying in abroad, what should you pack, fingering accommodation and explore the city in which you will be studying in.

Almost everyone has to go for an interview at the United States Embassy as part of the application process for student visa. Waiting time for an interview can differ from one person to another, so you have to make sure that sure that you avoid unnecessary delays. The interview methods can vary from one student to another depends on in which region you belong to. So do not expect that same questions will be asked during an interview. Be sure that you honestly answer all the questions, because failure to do so may prevent you from getting a visa.

Just because you have a student visa of the United States, it does not automatically provide you an entry in the United States when you arrive. Homeland Security Department (HSD), Border Protection Service (BPS) and United States Customs (ASC) have the authority to prevent you from entering in USA. It is not perfect, so make sure that you understand that what are the requirements for entry into the United States? , and that you do not accidentally pack the restricted goods. Head of Customs and Border Protection will see your passport and documents to make sure that all details are correct and whether to allow you the access to the country or not. If you are cleared by all the authorities, the officer will allow you to enter the country to start their studies in America.

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