Student Visa of Germany:

Germany is one of the leading corporate houses in the world like. (Porsche, Mercedes, BMW and Siemens). Germany is the propensity for innovation and invention. Modern lifestyle, the beautiful vineyards and the historic architecture of Germany give a way to much more admiration or liking for this charming destination. Germany is the strong economy holder in the globe, this blatant nation has some of the best universities for education and knowledge. Working with the world-renowned faculty and world-class researchers, the knowledge you get by living in this Land of Ideas, is an exciting and just amazing place to be in. So if you have finally made your mind to choose Germany as a dream destination for your studies, you have given the opportunity to grow, whose life revolves around the inspirations, challenges and different techniques.

There are three types of student visas that Germany offers to students based on their duration of the course. This article will help you to simplify the process of acquiring a student visa to study in Germany. After you read this article, you will have a clear idea of what you should do and what you should not do when you apply for a German student visa.

When your application is accepted in a German university, and you have an “acknowledgment” You are eligible to apply for a German student visa. In order to get the German student visa you must submit an application to the German Embassy. A key factor in determining the approval of the application and issuance of a student visa is that the applicant must have to open a deposit account. This is basically a bank account in your name that says you have sufficient funds to cover at least a year of study expenses in Germany.

If you want a German student visa you should apply at least three months before moving to the country. To do this, you should contact the Embassy or Consulate of Germany in your home country. Requirements for German Student Visa

The documents required when you are applying for a German student visa are. Filled visa application form, two passport size photographs, a valid passport, all transcripts of your academic career, admission letter, proof of sufficient funds to cover your expenses while studying in Germany, you should also provide all the scanned documents and have to pay an insurance fee of 60 euros for the visa. Depending on the embassy where you are applying for student visa, you must need to prove that you have no criminal record. You also in other way can prove that you have sufficient funds to cover your expenses in Germany, by making the security payment to the escrow account, this means that you can withdraw the money after your arrival in Germany.

The application of the student visa is a document that you will need to enter in Germany, if you have not been admitted in a university. If you want to visit the German university campuses to check the possibility of studying or ways to spend your stay in the country visa that is good for you. Request of student visa is initially issued for several months and gives you a three-month stay with the additional extension of six months. If you are admitted in a German university or for a diploma or a foundation course, you can enter Germany via a visa for purposes of study, which is valid for three months.

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