Student Visa for France

France has the most respected educational systems in the entire world, but it may also require a lot of planning. Most of the students from different countries outside of Europe need a student visa to study in France and students need to complete the visa procedure early this will help you to start your study in France at a rapid pace.

The process of obtaining a visa may take several months, so it is important to apply well before the course start date. If you are planning to study in France, you may need to get a French visa or permit, depending on the nationality you acquire and also the situation you are in.

Application procedures for student visas in France varies depending in which course you are studying in France, and how long you will live in France to complete the studies. This may relate to students who are studying in a degree program, to attend a short course or enroll in a specific French language classes.

Some types of French Student visas depending on how long you are planning to study in France are. (Short stay visa, entrance exam visa, temporary long stay visa, long stay visa). In France if the duration of your studies is less than three months, and if you are hundred percent sure that you will not spend more time in the country, then you submit your application for the (court séjour pour étude), in other words known as a short-term Schengen visa for students. Student Schengen visa is issued to the applicant free of charge and this visa cannot be extended.

If you need to go to France to visit for the college entrance examination, you can request a visa for (short stays student competition), which simply means that visas for sitting entrance examinations. If you pass the exam than you are eligible to file your case for a residence permit renewable for one year.

For more information on this topic you can contact the admissions office of the French university where you are planning to study. Temporary long stay visa allows you to study in France for the period of only six months. You need the Long-term visa in France when you want to study in France for more than six months. This visa is for obtaining a residence permit and lasts for the total time of your study period (usually three years for bachelor’s program, 2 years for master’s degree program, and four years for a doctoral dissertation). Algerian citizens do not require a visa but are subject to different regulations.

Citizens of some countries will ask for their French student visa through university Campus located in France, that is the official of the National Agency for Higher Education and foreign students. These students must also have to apply for their favorite French institutions, through the CEF. If you are studying as an international student in France you can do paid work for none hundred and sixty four hours per year (sixty percent of full-time work that is offered in France for one year) when you’re studying, and you have a valid residence permit. You can also do job in educational institutions and other universities with contracts of up to one year from 1st September to 31st August (up to six hundred and seventy hours from September to June and total of three hundred hours in the month of July and August), as long as this work is not affecting your studies.

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