Student Visa of Australia

If you want to study in Australia you need to have the Australian student visa. In order to get the Australian student visa you must be able to prove to DIBP (Department of immigration and border protection) that you are eligible to meet the following requirements necessary for Australian study visa.  You must first make sure that you apply for the most appropriate visa using the correct application form for an Australian student visa. The official site has a search function DIBP visa to help you find the most appropriate type of visa for your situation.

Most of the foreign students who wish to study in Bachelor’s study program or in master study program will be eligible for a student visa. Most of the students who wish to study in Australia can apply online, but if you find it difficult to apply online you can apply by mail or in person at the nearest Australian Embassy. You can also apply online for a student visa up to 124 days or in four months before the course starts.

Before you apply for a visa, you have to receive a confirmation of enrollment (COE) or offer letter that confirms that your application have been accepted in a course included under the CRICOS (Commonwealth Register of Institutions of Courses).  Conformation of Enrolment will be in the approved application form of an online code that you must enter in the appropriate section of the application online visa (or, if you choose to apply by mail or in person, you just need a copy of your letter or conformation of enrolment). You also have to pay an advance deposit for your study.

Students applying for a study visa need to identify their level of valuation (LOV), before they can begin to process their visa application. Level of valuation is based on the courses you plan to take and the country of origin, the category of G 1 students is considered the lowest risk of Immigration and G 5 student category is considered a high risk of immigration. The process of issuing visas will vary slightly depending on your level of assessment, students who are in G5 category have to face a more complex process of obtaining a visa.

When you are filling your online student visa form you need to provide the following visa requirements. Proof of sufficient funds for payment of study, travel and living expenses. Student evaluation level determines the level of funds required, who will provide these funds and how long the funds are to be held. In case of your dependents (i.e. spouse and children), you also need to prove to cover living costs for them, regardless of whether or not they intend to travel to Australia.

All the students must demonstrate that they have the language skills required for their course, candidates G 1 and 2 must comply only with the requirements referred to their institution of higher education, while the U 3 and 4, applicants must also provide proof of their competence in the English language. Some of the students may be invited to take a medical and / or radiological examination to show that they are healthy (for example, it also involves the person who is intend to train as a doctor, dentist or nurse). You have to attend a meeting with the doctor who was approved by the Australian immigration Department. With the exception of those of Belgium or Norway, all students are required to purchase foreign student health.

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