Insurance in Switzerland

Do not wait until the worst things happens to you, get a Swiss insurance is now sorted alphabetically. Shifting to a new country means addressing a different set of administrative formalities. There is nothing more mysterious than insurance. This article will provide you an introduction to insurance in Switzerland, including the legal requirements as well.

 There are five types of insurance coverage’s that are legally required in Switzerland and those insurance policies are (accident and the basic health insurance, vehicles must be insured to get on the road legally, fire insurance, unemployment or the social security insurance and property insurance).

 The first type of insurance that is offered in Switzerland is the health insurance.  Health insurance in Switzerland is mandatory and must be organized within three months after arrival. Insurance is necessary for adults and children, those who are working and unemployed, while insurance costs are usually cheaper for those who are younger than 25 years. Employers usually do not offer health insurance as a benefit. The exceptions are there for the diplomatic personnel. However, under certain circumstances, it is even necessary if you are not in .You can find an online quote in different languages like (French, German, and Italian). In the form of premiums you have to pay at least the first £ 300 of your bills every year (this process is known as the excess). If you choose a higher excess this can reduce your premium.

Health insurance starts at around £ 70 euros per month for a person. The basic policy covers that a health insurance covers in Switzerland are,( patients treatment by the repudiated group of doctors, treatment in case of an emergency, contribution in rescue/transport, contribution in purchasing medicine, maternity checkups and child birth, other alternative therapies and many more). The second type of insurance offered in Switzerland is the dental insurance. The dental treatment requires a serious illness covered by the, “standard health insurance”. All other treatment, including routine the dental checkups and braces is not affordable.

Dental insurance in Switzerland is not compulsory. It is sold as a supplement to sickness insurance or separately. The fourth type of insurance offered in Switzerland is the home insurance. Insurance against fire and building are mandatory in Switzerland. Basic insurance of buildings, usually covers fires, floods and other major or natural disaster and the insurance of a building is the responsibility of the building owner instead of a person who is using the building on rent .etc. More comprehensive insurance can be acquired, for example to ensure yourself against the damage tenants. If the building is on rent, the tenant have to be taken to insure the contents to cover your property.

You can find out more about renting in Switzerland on the websites in which the information is provided by the repeated insurance corporations of Switzerland. The fifth type of insurance coverage that is offered in Switzerland is the insurance of your equipment. The other ordinary contents that in your view have to be insured is not legally binding, but it is recommended. All you have to do is to read the terms and choose the insurer that covers your accidental damage of the equipment’s that you use regularly (e.g., mobile phone). The big insurance companies also offer policies and documents in English.

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