Insurance (General Introduction)

We all know about the insurance in one form of another. Insurance serves as an excellent wealth-preservation tool and also serves as a risk-management whether it is medical, disability, auto or life insurance. Choosing a right type of insurance is a critical part of your financial plan. Many people may own the insurance but didn’t know or understand that how this thing works. This article will discuss and review the basics of insurance that how it works. It is a form known as risk management in which the insured one transfers the risk of a potential loss to another party in exchange of a compensation which is called premium. Insurance allows and gives the liberty to the individuals, businesses and other parties to defend or protect themselves against the potential losses and also to eliminate the hardships at reasonably affordable rates. We say that the insurance is significant because if the potential loss is of less amount than there is no need to pay a premium for that every month. If the potential loss is of a healthy amount than you rethink that you have to own an insurance policy to eliminate the potential loss and to safely negotiate that hardship. Take a life insurance as an example, that your family head runs a shop or doing a job and all of other family members are dependent on the family’s head income, the family will suffer if the family head expires, it will be difficult for the family to replace his income. In this case if the family’s head has owned a life insurance policy than it will be beneficial for his dependent family to will get the monthly premiums as a replacement of your monthly income.

Anyone who wants to protect himself or herself or someone they care for from the future financial hardships should consider some of these insurance policies that are listed below.

Protecting the family after ones death from the loss of income, insuring the payment of debt borrowed after the death, protecting the business from future potential high probability of losses, buying the shares of co-partner after his death, protecting yourself against the unforeseeable expenses of health, protecting your home or business against the theft, flood or fire in the future, protecting your car against theft or losses and many more. Insurance means pooling the risk, it means that the large number of people who want to insure themselves against the expected losses pay the premiums to the insurance companies at a regular intervals. The number of individuals that want them to be insured is so large that the insurance companies use the statistical analysis to project that what their actual loss be in a specific class. The insurance companies knew that all the individuals will not suffer the losses at the same time. This allows the insurance companies to operate profitably and at the same time the also pay the claims of the insured people who suffer the losses. For example most of the people use the auto insurance but actually few of them get into an accident. The people actually pay for the probability of the losses and for the protection that the people would actually be paid in case of an accident. Some of the accidental insurances are claimed out of many, this allows the insurance companies to make healthy profits.

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