German Statutory Accident Insurance

The German Social Accident Insurance (DGUV) and German statutory accident insurance institutions are the umbrella organization for trade, industry and in the public sector as well. It is responsible for promoting the common interests of member institutions and their functions in the interests of its member companies and insured individuals. DGUV along with the German and international partners in their dealings with national and European level policy makers with international organizations, institutions represents a legal accident insurance, and social contributions.
Statutory accident insurance institutions, occupational accidents and diseases, are the work-related health hazards with schools and the legal mandate to prevent accidents involving students and the school children’s. When an insured event should occur, the German insurance company’s duties also include compensation to injured parties and their dependents. In performing these tasks, they are responsible for 3.8 million insured more than 76 million people in and around companies and institutions.
Every year in Germany around 1,400,000 accidents happens in the Federal Republic Germany that involves the employees who are currently working in some institution on their way from work. Out of 1.5 million of accidents around 18,000 accidents happens in the schools. As those affected, extensive changes in the results of their way of life often entail. As far as possible their rehabilitation and work ability is the responsibility of the legal accident insurance SOAI (Statutory occupational accident insurance) has an assigned task to prevent accidents and diseases to protect the workers, work-related risks at work, occupational accident insurance. Cases of occupational accidents or illnesses occur where, insurance through the provision of cash benefits to insurance persons or individuals or their victims happens, and also the ability of those who are involved in compensation recovery by working assistance.
The main mission of insuring the statutory work accident according to the law is the use of all means at its disposal to prevent accidents and diseases from occurring in the first place and to minimize potential risks related to ’employment. Each employee and the trainee is covered by the insurance of legal work accidents. In the industry and agriculture sector the employer’s liability insurance fund is responsible for accident insurance. The above mentioned services are offered only by the insurance companies of Germany.
The German Insurance legislative work accident is responsible for taking measures to prevent accidents and work-related diseases, and to protect workers against the hazards of the workplace. The focus is on advising companies in all matters relating to industrial safety and health. This includes providing employers and employees with complete instructions and guidelines, as well as the international media. The accident insurance institutions also hold free information, motivational events on the topic of safety at the work. If the person who is insured has an accident or suffers from an occupational disease, the statutory accident insurance to cover the resulting costs. This means that an insurance fund gives the best medical rehabilitation, vocational and social as possible, as well as financial compensation where appropriate. The priority of the accident insurance fund is to restore health and work ability of the persons who are insured. Pensions are paid to only fund members when it is impossible to fully restore their ability to work, i.e. for those whose capacity gain is reduced by at least 20 percent. The accident insurance funds themselves (self-administration) govern shared with equal representation of employers, contractors and employees.

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