ONE&ONLY Hayman island, great barrier reef, Queensland is Located in the heart of the Great Barrier Reef in Australia and is set against the backdrop of the Coral Sea, Hayman Island, Icelandic private island is at the north of  Whitsunday Islands off the coast of Queensland.

After six months of renovation of eighty million dollars spent by the One & Only Group hotel the ONE&ONLY Hayman island, great barrier reef, Queensland hotel is one of the most luxurious hotel brands in the world, after the renovation the resort opened in July, this hotel making it one of the best new and luxury hotel In Australia. The one and only Hayman Island, Great Barrier Reef has been selected as the best Australian hotel for the year 2016.Queensland is stylish resort and its elegance reflects the harmony with an amazing surrounding with natural beauty. One and only hotel management has reduced the list of rooms from two hundred and ten to one hundred and sixty, converted into wings beach, Hayman pool, of which nearly half of them are now converted into suites, penthouses and villas.

The redecorated spaces provide a new experience for adults and families. And the service standards of this hotel were also introduced by the legendary One & Only hotel group. Enter Paradise on One & Only Island Hayman; it is a private sanctuary in the northern area of the Whitsundays, at the door of the Australian Reef Barrier. Step your seaplane, luxury boat or your helicopter on this enchanted idyll green rocks, crescent-shaped beach and the blue sea.

The hotel provides four types of accommodation, each elegant, luxurious and spacious, each of them magnificent views of the natural surroundings. Swim from the terrace of your room in the infinity pool or stay in rooms of complex overlooking the lush gardens, the lily lagoons and the Coral Sea, villa near the beach with private pool, or experience the luxury tailor penthouse with a facility of personal butler and a continuous ocean view. ONE&ONLY Hayman island, Great Barrier Reef, Queensland hotel offers an incredible selection of activities, natural adventures to total relaxation and indulgent meal. Diving or snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef, admiring the bright hues of thousands of tropical fish and coral. Learn to swim, windsurf, and kayak with dolphins, sea turtles and migrating whales. Land on a deserted beach Whitehaven by helicopter and walk on the sand with pure white quartz.

 After getting the appointments you will enjoy and surrender yourself to signature Ocean Dreams massage, where you are suspended on the surface of the sea, caressed by the warm breeze and the ever so gently swaying in the gentle tide. ONE&ONLY Hayman island, great barrier reef, Queensland give you the luxury to  hike around the island, listening to the voices of cockatoos and strikeouts and seeing the bright colors in the trees where after hiking you end the day with a cocktail by the pool, watching the sky flaunt and its radiant sunset on the Whitsundays. Restaurants and bars and exclusive Hayman Island only serve fresh local flavors through a range of international cuisines. Guests can also enjoy the works of world-class chefs from the resort’s private dining – gourmet lunch picnic on a secluded beach for a romantic candle-lit dinner served by private servers. If you are planning to spend a quality time with your friends or family or making plan for a business conference, after reading this article this hotel will be the first choice in the search of luxury and style.


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