Mardan Palace Hotel

Mardan Palace Hotel, Turkey was built by the Russian billionaire Tillman Ismailia in the year 2009. The total cost to build this hotel was approximately $ 1.65 billion dollars. Mardan Palace Hotel in Antalya, Turkey, has the largest swimming pool in the Mediterranean around one thousand people can fit in this swimming pool at a time, and is considered one of the most luxurious European hotels.

In addition to luxury suites and endless ornate interior with gold leaves, Italian marble and the crystal’s, there are also ten restaurants, 17 bars, a luxury spa and a hollow aquarium filled with exotic fish. It carried 9,000 tons of white sand from Egypt to the beach alone. Butler service 24 hours a day is also included. The Mardan Palace in Turkey is the luxurious Royal 5-star hotel that is near to the Turkish resort of Antalya that is a very popular place to be in as well. The Maradan Palace Hotel lives up to its name, which includes the appearance of a perfect palace. With the construction of beautiful gleaming white towers with turrets around one of the biggest swimming pools in the Europe continent, with the fountains and fabulous bridges, Mardan Palace Hotel in Turkey is a Palace that is fit for royalty.

You can stay in one of the hotels rooms, suites in a luxurious classic style, which is filled with the facilities and modern amenities. Mardan Palace restaurants and bars are beyond decadent, with ceilings, soft lighting and chandeliers with royal purple accents and it also involves the chic Turkish decorations. You can dine in one of the nine gourmet restaurants with a selection of international gourmet dishes such as, Japanese, Thai, French, Mediterranean and Russian. The most famous restaurant  in the Maradan Palace hotel is the Aquamarine seafood restaurant that is located in the center of a huge pool with a beautiful panoramic aquariums located in the walls for an impressive experience of the ocean theme. Lara Beach that is in the Mardan Palace Hotel has a long list of activities such as tennis and squash courts and a gym and a bowling alley. If you want to relax you can try the, spa with sauna, Oriental steam bath and a Turkish bath. You can also swim with sea fish in very popular reef lagoon or you can also enjoy a gondola ride around the huge river gap.

There is a wide choice of entertainment and exciting events, which includes the live music and dancing, the circus in the amphitheater of Mardan Palace, in which everyone in entertained and also different variety of fashion shows. The Mardan Palace Hotel also offers different facilities like a private swimming pool, playground, clubs and cinemas for children and teens that is great treat to have for your kids to have fun while you take a well-deserved time to relax and have pleasure of some of the many activities available in the Mardan Palace Hotel. The private beach in this hotel is also within your reach, and the other famous Lara Beach is not far away. If you are planning for a trip to the exciting ancient monuments, shops in the lively boutiques and markets, the beautiful city of Antalya is near to the hotel for you. Plan a dream trip of a Wonderland in a fantastic city Mardan Palace Turkey, to experience the luxury.

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