Emirates Palace Hotel

When we talk about the luxury hotels, the Emirates Palace Hotel definitely comes to the discussion. Cost to build the Emirates Palace Hotel is three billion US dollars ($3 billion). Emirates Palace offers three hundred and ninety four (394) guest rooms and suites, 40 meeting rooms, a white sandy beach, many pools and fountains, a luxury spa, marble imported from 13 countries and more than one thousand crystal chandeliers.

Emirates Palace Hotel is like a small fortress, which also has boasted the development of the most prestigious marinas in the Middle East. Royalties or anyone who wants to feel that he/she can relax in one of the many palace apartments, all with luxurious surroundings that would have benefited the sultan of old ages, but with enough modern amenities to suit today’s top tycoons. Emirates Palace Hotel is located in the heart of the city of Abu Dhabi, the UAE capital, and just 40 minutes from the Airport, Emirates Palace Hotel is a grand in its design and a variety of proposals. Located 1.3 km from the pristine beach, landscaped swimming pools and a private marina overlooking the bay natural Emirates Palace, Emirates Palace Hotel is an ideal location for an unforgettable holiday or for events and meetings that can make a statement, with some of the hotel’s large conference center that is equipped with the latest technology.

Emirates Palace Hotel is a seven star hotel that shows the beauty of the Arabian culture. The traditional decoration is used that is mainly in gold, silver, glass mosaics and marbles. The Swarovski crystal was used to make the chandeliers. Total of 114 domes (that includes the Grand Atrium, which is taller than the dome of Peter’s Basilica the state of Rome), 200 fountains and luxurious conference center equipped with most advanced technology, a great blue room and so on. The simplest suite that is called the Suite Palace, contains at least three bedrooms and a sixty one inch big plasma screen. There are about 302 large rooms in three different categories like coral, pearl and diamond categories and the area of these grand rooms is fifty five square meters. The stylish rooms are decorated with high quality stuff at the highest level of comfort for the hotel guests who can relax in total luxury that also includes the butler service 24/7. The royal guests of the Persian Gulf have a separate floor reserved.

 The hotel is also the official site of greeting the Abu Dhabi government with 22 suites of three rooms, suitable for every head of state and his entourage. Emirates Palace Hotel is one of the most prestigious hotels of the word. This hotel is a popular destination for VIPs and celebrities. With stunning views and incredible luxury, the hotel has become Abu Dhabi’s crown of glory. Hotel Emirates Palace offers palatial restaurants that bring the best cuisine in the world. Fine dishes such as delicious seafood Sayad and magnificent views of the bay provide a wonderful experience for the visitor. Caviar Bar in Emirates Palace Hotel is also popular because of its world-class menu, champagne and selection of caviar with live traditional music, the interior design was done by KY & A Company. Emirates Palace has about 2,000 employees from at least fifty nationalities. Room rates start at $ 327 per night, but the room is 165 square meters with panoramic views of the ocean can cost you around $ 1797 per night.

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