Burj Al Arab (Dubai)

Burj Al Arab is one of the best and the most luxurious hotel in the world, because it provides you the luxury that is irreconcilable pomp and indulgent personalized service 24/7. If you are a guest in Burj Al Arab at the airport the Roles Royce will pick you up that’s if you don’t decide to arrange a helicopter for you to travel from the Dubai airport to roof top of the hotel.

Dubai Burj Al Arab includes a total of 202 suites. All two hundred and two rooms are the duplex suites with magnificent views of the Arabian Gulf. All the rooms are so large (the smallest of all rooms is 1,830 square feet), it took some time for the butler to show you and explain how to work all the knobs and buttons. If you choose to stay in one of the two royal suites (the area of each royal suite is 8,400 square feet), it becomes more interesting with rotating beds that are surrounded by mirrors the mirrors and the bed slowly revolve around simply a press of a button. In each room the super king size beds are covered with Egyptian cotton sheets, and you have a choice of 17 types of pillows.  All the bathrooms are decorated with different beautiful decorations and have a large Jacuzzi as well. There is a huge set of shell placed 14 of his-her and toiletries are Hermes, including perfume and cologne.

When you have done unpacking your private butler will offer you to do something for you, and when you are outside of your suite the private butlers will greet you and recognize you because they will have your photo on the computer screen. On every floor there is a butler and the hotel is known for its extremely dedicated services and with that it provides you unmatched private services as well. All of the butlers have the reputation to be able to do anything that is ordered by you. In Burj Al Arab hotel you first stop have to be the award-winning Talise Spa, which is perfect for you after a long flight. The treatment rooms are, unlike most resorts that have large windows overlooking the sea.

If you don’t like the sea view that is too bright if you order them they will draw the curtains to your request. There are also four swimming pools indoor and outdoor, including a swimming pool reserved for women. If you are a romantic person, you can order romantic moonlight swim. The pool for two with rose petals will be prepared, and you can spend the night surrounded the Arabian Gulf views, enjoying the moonlight and champagne in privacy.

Burj Al Arab hotel has nine bars and restaurants. For breakfast, food is served in buffet style, mostly European but also in the Middle Eastern style. For the lunch you have to go to Al Muntaha (meaning “high”) on the 27th floor by the express panoramic elevator. Located two hundred meters above sea level and with a ceiling on the ground it is easy to see why this restaurant is always popular booked all the time. At the lunch place you will notice that people go there just to photograph and admire the view. The Sky view Bar is also a site to enjoy tea or after-dinner drinks. Staying in this hotel means that you are having a taste of fantasy life of extreme glamour and wealth.

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