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Hotels are basically the related to the gigantic organization of Hospitality. The hotels are responsible of providing you boarding, lodging and all the luxurious services that you wish for. The category of hotel processes the extracts of all the leading and lavishing hotels all around the world. The category includes the articles on each of them. The articles in this category will provide you all the useful information about these hotels. So if you are planning to move any of the foreign locations for business or pleasure, this is definitely your user guide. The category of hotel and its articles will provide you all the information that you need about these hotels. This will definitely provide you a chance of comparing and choosing the hotel that you want to stay.

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turkey mardan palace hotel

Mardan Palace Hotel

Mardan Palace Hotel, Turkey was built by the Russian billionaire Tillman Ismailia in the year 2009. The total cost to build this hotel was approximately $ 1.65 billion dollars. Mardan Palace Hotel in Antalya, Turkey...

Bahama Atlantis Paradise Island

Atlantis Paradise Island, Bahamas

It is the best Hotel in the continent of North America. Atlantis Paradise Island, Bahamas, welcomes you to the wonderful world full of life. It is a magical place that gives you the invitation, to discover creative and...



ONE&ONLY Hayman island, great barrier reef, Queensland is Located in the heart of the Great Barrier Reef in Australia and is set against the backdrop of the Coral Sea, Hayman Island, Icelandic private island is at...

Canada hotel (Ritz-Carlton, Montreal).

Hotel Ritz-Carlton, Montreal

The Ritz-Carlton, Montreal is the best hotel in Canada for last three consecutive years. This hotel has received several awards in the past and for the past several years Forbes has given this hotel the AAA rating...

UAE emirates palace hotel

Emirates Palace Hotel

When we talk about the luxury hotels, the Emirates Palace Hotel definitely comes to the discussion. Cost to build the Emirates Palace Hotel is three billion US dollars ($3 billion). Emirates Palace offers three hundred...

dubai burj al arab

Burj Al Arab (Dubai)

Burj Al Arab is one of the best and the most luxurious hotel in the world, because it provides you the luxury that is irreconcilable pomp and indulgent personalized service 24/7. If you are a guest in Burj Al Arab at...

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