How can coloring take your stress away?

The phenomenon of colors,its meaning and its mystical power has always been the interest of man. In ancient civilization colors have always been given great importance, as colors has been used in taking the stress away or calming people and now the science has accepted it too. The healing through colors is known as choromotherapy, where different colors are used to low down the stress level and giving some inner peace. Colors do help in taking away the stress and healing many physiological as well as spiritual problems. Let us discuss the importance of colors and see how they effect each and every individual.

 The universe is a beautiful combination of colors. Human likes the beauty naturally and goes missing in nature’s colors. The sky’s blue and white color causes comfort to his eyes and freshness to his thoughts. He feels strange attraction in green tree leaves and flowers. Human’s this commitment to the colors makes him closer to the universe’s fairy beauty.

Not only a human becomes attracted to the color combination whatever age he is at, but also feels joyfulness by using them with his hands. That’s why drawing and coloring the pictures is not only the hobby of children, but it has become a passion of elders as well. Often, it is seen that kids, while doing their homework, mothers fill colors on their drawing books interestingly. During this activity, they enjoy along with feeling being light weighted. Now, kids seem to paint on the computers as well besides on color books.

Colors and researches being done worldwide

In New York, workshops are being held under weekly programs in the public libraries, through which the purpose is to provide a platform. In New York, Door Publications published dozens of coloring books for elders. Besides, they declared Aug 12 as the national coloring books day to celebrate.

A psychotherapist Learner says when you fill colors wholeheartedly you land on the comfort valley actually. According to him, if kids can be excited to fill colors certainly elder can be benefited from this activity either by coloring books or by involving some textures, encourage doing something creative with colors.

Keli Yam Fork (Redleg Programming specialist in New York public library says coloring is quite easy and interesting. For that, no talent is required; it’s a therapy by which people gets themselves free from the imprisonment of their concerns and worries, as colors have abilities to impact on human’s body and mind. Colors pour deep effects on our feeling and emotions. They increase mental progress and make the learning process interesting.

Ancient civilizations of China and Egypt have been treating mind diseased through colors and modern science admits such treatments either. Treatment through colors is called Chromotherapy. There is also another reason of human’s affiliation with colors that in addition to common sense, a human has superiority over other creatures that he can differentiate between colors. He can feel the colors. This colors feeling can be noticed by filling colors in the pictures and stress can be taken away. According to Turner, when people color the images they feel big comfort and this makes them playful and excited. Thus, one can get freedom from mental stress and looks active. That’s why colors knowledge has been classified as science study formally.

Special research has been done on colors that how red, blue, and yellow colors can affect our personality. Each and every single color has its unique power. Apart from using them in painting and coloring books, the benefits of these colors can be taken by using them in our daily life. As in decorating the room or in clothing .It’s said that red color is a sign of joy, sharpness, and fury whilst blue color expresses vastness. By seeing water and sky color, a man goes missing in the deep horizons. Green color gives coolness and comfort to the human. Besides, colors are considered during choosing clothes, gems, and jewelry either. For the joy occasion, red, pink, and orange colors are worn interestingly.


Colors have the ability to change your mood and thus, you can behave accordingly. Stress levels are changed with the difference of colors and it has been proved by some science-based research. Some colors can lower your stress level so it’s always advised to have painting and filling colors that can set your mood pleasantly.

Never avoid the importance of the colors in your life, instead, have some knowledge about the colors that can help you being stronger and healthier.

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