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The General category is for those who are unpredictable and have a curious nature because this category is full of surprises. The general category, as it is very obvious by its name includes the articles of several different types and categories. You can find anything here from economy to fashion, from sports to education, from foreign policies to share fantasies, As this is the place where you will find creative writings and soul foul experiences structured in a form of article. So if you are a keen reader and possess an appetite of consuming knowledge this is your category. The articles of this category are random which is no doubt the beauty of this category.

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Uses of Minerals

Different Uses Of Rocks And Minerals

Rock and Mineral Uses Sadly, people of this World seldom stop to think about Rocks and minerals. There are many thousands of known minerals and rocks. In this article we will thought you about very interesting Rocks and...

Rocks And Minerals

Types of Rocks and Minerals

In gems, some are known as Rock gemstones. We can say that rock can be used as gem because of its structural units such as minerals, elements, atoms etc. In this article you will obtain some informative facts about...

the magic of colours

How can coloring take your stress away?

The phenomenon of colors,its meaning and its mystical power has always been the interest of man. In ancient civilization colors have always been given great importance, as colors has been used in taking the stress away...

pakistan china economic corridor

China Pakistan Economic Corridor

The year 2016 carries valuable strategic significance for Pakistan, since a lot of developments vis a vis china Pakistan economic corridor are starting to shape up in the current year. One of the direct consequences of...

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