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Information About Gems and Stones. In this category of Aboutpk.com, you’ll get information about different kinds of gemstones, their properties, benefits and much more.

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Heliodor Gemstone

Properties of Heliodore

General properties of Heliodor gemstone Category= cyclosilicate Color= colorless to different color including yellow and green Hardness on Mohs scale= 7.5 to 8 Luster= Vitreous, transparent and translucent Cleavage=...

Jade Gemstone

Jade Gemstone Properties

Jade gemstone Category: Silicate Mineral Color: green, white, grey, black, yellow, and orange and violet tones Luster: greasy Occurrence: India, China, Russia, Canada, News Land and America Associated Birth month: April...

Pink Kunzite Stone

Properties of Kunzite Gemstone

Kunzite Gemstone Physical properties of Kunzite Chemical Formula: LiAlSi2O6 Color: Pink, Purple Hardness: 6.5 – 7 Crystal System: Monoclinic Refractive Index: 1.66 – 1.68 Specific gravity:  3.1 – 3.2...

Blue Labradorite Stone

Properties of Labradorite gemstone

Labradorite gemstone meaning and Uses   Category: tektosilicate, Feldspar Color: brown, Gray, blue, greenish, yellow and colorless Hardness on Mohs scale: 6 – 6.5 Cleavage: Perfect, less perfect and intersecting...

blue sapphire necklace

Benefits of Sapphire Gemstone

Sapphires (Neelam) Category = Oxide mineral Kind = Famous gemstone Synthesised in = 1902 Shape = trigon Color = Blue, violet, purple, yellow, green, pink, shades of orange and brown and colourless. Brilliance = vitreous...

Opal gemstone ring

Benefits of Opal Gemstone

Opals Category : Mineraloid Kind : Famous gem stone Discovered in : 1917 Shape : Amorphous Color : White, red, yellow, orange, colorless, green, black, blue and brown. Brilliance : sub vitreous or waxy Shade : white...

Sky blue obsidian ring

Benefits of Obsidian Gemstone

OBSIDIAN Category : Volcanic glass Kind : Rock gem stone Discovered in : 700,000 BC Shape : Conchoidal Colour : black to deep black Habit : hard and brittle Brilliance : vitreous Hardness : 5-6 Region...

red ruby ring and bangle

Ruby Gemstone Benefits

Ruby Category : Mineral Kind : precious gem stone Discovered in : 200 BC Colour : Pink, red, brownish and purplish. Shape : White Brilliance : Clear Region : Burma, Thailand, China, Northern state of Kachin, Cambodia...

diamond properties and benefits

Effects of Diamond Gemstone

Diamond Category : Minerals Kind : Precious gemstone Discover as gemstone : 4th century BC Color : Yellow, brown or gray to colorless, blue, green , black, translucent, white, pink, violet, orange, purple and red...

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